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ALL QSL's are handled by my manager Bob, N2OO



OK, thats the QSL info out of the way,  Now here's some personal info and a few photographs.

I reside in the north east quadrant of the island of Tasmania (IOTA OC-006) in an area called Turners Marsh.   I am retired now after having spent a large proportion of my life as a policeman with the Australian Federal Police and the New South Wales state police.   Being retired allows me to spend a fair bit of time on the radio.   (yeeehhhhaaaaa!!!!)

Turners Marsh is in grid square QE38nq and my station is located 275 metres (900 feet) above sea level. My HF antenna is a 4 element 5 band Quad on a 9.12 metre (30 foot) boom which is 22 metres (75 feet) above the ground and the antenna is coupled to an Icom IC-7800.




I am also reasonably active on 6 metres, 2 metres and 70 centimetres and tend to spend a bit of time on the VKLogger , click to take a look, log in to see all the features, I think you will be surprised.

Antennas for those bands are, 2m/70cm co-linear vertical and a tri band interlaced quad with 8 elements on 70cm, 8 elements on 2m and 4 elements on 6m


and here's a couple of photos inside the shack.