Here is a small collection of .xlsm files, ZIPped for easy download.  These files are the work of Joe Gorley, a long time SWL and mad keen Excel user.   If you want to know what they do, download them and find out.  The average file size is just a few kb and download time is a few seconds.   Simply click the name (green text) below to download the file or, click on any image to open a larger view in a new window.


1.) Shortwave

  2.) Toroids
5 parts in 1 workbook

  3.) Op-Amps

4.) Tower Calculations

   5.) Inductance

   6.) Reactance

 7.) Wire Sizes

   8.) Meters


 9.) Resonance


 10.) Vectors

   11.) Navigation

   12.) Transistors

13) Antenna Calculations
contains 12 sub-programs for calculations on various antenna configurations of which the demo image 'Parabolics' is just one.


 14) Timings

   15) Decibels